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3 of the largest and most beloved online stores in Brazil

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Brazilian enterprise, leader in Latin  America’s e-commerce industry,  that operates, by means of a digital platform, with multichannel business in retail corporation.

1 Marketplace
3 of the largest and most beloved online stores in Brazil
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Through a single platform, a single contract, your products will be listed in the 3 largest and most beloved online stores in Brazil

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  • Possibility of payment in installments

  • Site suitable to attend brazilian

  • consumer’s experience

  • High credibility of brands

  • Without exchange variation

  • Customer service in Portuguese


  • Find customer loyalty to our brands

  • Access commercial expertise

  • Reach almost 30% of market share in BR e-commerce

  • Receive the payment in your home country

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any requirements for selling on B2W Marketplace?

No. Any international seller can register to sell at B2W Marketplace. However, it is necessary to complete and sign the pre-qualification letter of B2W and submit, together with some documents, the B2W team that will analyze.
The Marketplace Brasil helps you apply correctly to approve as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to sell at B2W?

B2W only charge fee for product price. Your fee includes financing services to buyers (payment in installments) and the possibility to participate in yours campaigns and promotions.) B2W fee: 30%

Is there any fee to list items?


When will I be paid?

1. The transfers will be made exclusively on days 01 and 15 (or next business day) of each month (“Transfer Dates”). 2. Orders delivered 1to the carrier (ETR) between days01 and 15 of the current month: the transfer will be released on day 01 of the following month, or in the next Transfer Dates provided, according to the release rules. 3. Orders delivered to the carrier (ETR) between days 16 and 31 of the current month: the transfer will be released as of day 15 (or next business day) of the following month, according to the transfer release rules. 4. The proof that the orders have been sent to the carrier (ETR) will be obligatorily carried out by sending the delivery tracking codes. Said shipment shall be given solely and exclusively through the administrative system of the Partner account.

Do I need to have a bank account in Brazil?

No. B2W deposits directly into your country's bank account.

How do I load my products in B2W?

Currently, there are two ways for you to upload your catalog to B2W - APIs: If you want to integrate directly using our APIs, this is the best solution for you. - Via flat file (ie, CSV file with product descriptions).

Can I provide my content in English?

No. All content in your listings should be in Portuguese.
To help you, Marketplace Brasil offers the services of Simple Translation and Translation optimized for great sales conversion.
the service of translation and improvement of the description / listing of its products considering the best keywords for its product to be well positioned in the search engine of the B2W, using language in accordance with the culture of Latin America and advanced techniques of SEO.Your sales will be dramatically higher if you offer content based on Latin American culture, and Marketplace Brazil is a company originally from Brazil.
Check in the Cross-border Services session.

Will my products be displayed in US dollars?

No, your products will be shown in the local currency. (R$)

Will I receive payments in dollars or local currency?

You will receive payments in US dollars, UK pounds, etc

What are my options for shipping products?

All products must be listed with free shipping to the buyer.
Then you should price considering the cost of shipping.

Does B2W offer storage services?

Not at this time.

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